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Georgia Reservoir Fishing Information
Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson is a 4,750-acre impoundment owned and operated by the Georgia Power Company.  The Alcovy, South and Yellow Rivers meet near Jackson, Ga. to form this heavily developed lake that is very popular with boaters and skiers during the summer months.

Contact Information

Georgia Power:  ph. 404-954-4040

Prospects and Fishing Tips
Best Bets
Largemouth bass
Prospect Despite having spotted bass in Jackson, largemouth currently comprise well over 50 percent of the black bass population. Average catches weighing 1 - 2 pounds, with several over 5 pounds common. Anglers targeting larger bass typically are most successful October - February. image
Technique Crankbaits and jigs fished in or around deep water produce larger bass. Plastics fished on a Carolina rig are often successful.
Target Look for rock points that fall off into deep water and docks and timber that border drop offs. Target flooded timber in the upper reaches of Tussahaw Creek in the fall. Also try the Yellow River arm - this section offers a variety of habitat for anglers seeking large bass. During summer, concentrate efforts in the early morning and at night. Largemouth will typically be found in shallower, more turbid waters than spotted bass.
Spotted bass
Prospect Spotted bass abundance appears to have stabilized in recent years. Average size for spots caught in 2017 will be 12-14 inches. However, anglers should expect a portion of the catch over 14 inches. There are some trophy spots (> 20") out there. Don't be surprised if a spot greater than 4 lb. is caught this year. Unlike largemouth bass, there is no size restriction and anglers are encouraged to harvest their catches. image
Technique Spotted bass generally are found in deeper, clearer waters than largemouth. Casting smaller crankbaits and spinners into deeper water tends to attract spots. Because they are very aggressive predators, top-water lures such as spooks, buzz-baits and propeller lures fished fast often trigger bites.
Target Stick to the main lake where the water is clearer. Target deeper points and fish parallel to the bank at varying depths to locate fish. Night fishing along docks and humps also produces good catches.
Striped Bass
Prospect Striped bass offer anglers an added sportfish option. The most recent stockings have produced the potential for a quality fishery in coming years. The average-size striped bass caught in 2017 will be 4-6 lb. Trophy striped bass are available. Anglers catching striped bass exceeding 18 pounds have been reported. image
Technique Trolling with crankbaits and large swim-baits through schools of suspended shad can produce some nice stripers most of the year. When the stripers are chasing shad to the surface, topwater lures can trigger some extreme action. Live, large, gizzard shad is a very effective bait all year.
Target Look for schools of shad and stripers breaking the surface early in the morning and just before dark. The power lines north of where the Alcovy meets the South and Yellow Rivers are popular spots for seeking surface feeding stripers early in the morning. Mid-lake also offers good striper habitat, especially in the warmer months. Anglers should also target areas above Barnetts Bridge in the Tussahaw arm. Target cooler water habitat near the dam for trolling.
Prospect Lake Jackson provides an array of catfish species with fishable populations including bullheads, channel, white, blue and flathead catfish. Jackson holds a greater proportion of large sized channel and blue cats than most other central Georgia reservoirs and most will average 3-5 pounds. If anglers are patient, some trophy channel catfish exceeding 20 pounds are available. Anglers should target deep holes mid-lake for trophy catfish. Lake Jackson is an untapped resource for anglers targeting catfish. The current lake record flathead exceeds 50 pounds! The 2016 summer was very productive for those anglers targeting catfish. Look for similar trends in summer 2017. image
Technique Cut shad and liver fished on or just off the bottom is effective. Night fishing with live bream may also produce some quality catfish.
Target Target the deep waters near the dam or deep holes on the outside bend of the old creek channels. Flathead catfish will typically be found near rocky structures or hard bottoms. Mid-lake and the South River arm are current hot spots on the lake.
Prospect One of middle Georgia's better bream lakes. Bluegill and redbreast sunfish typically reach 5-7 inches, while redear sunfish are numerous and much larger. Anglers should find bream fishing comparable with previous years with redear sunfish being the dominant catch. Anglers will find the average size redear sunfish near 8 inches. image
Technique Live bait such as redworms, mealworms or crickets fished just off the bottom should result in redear catches from 7 to 10 inches; individuals weighing 1 pound or more are common.
Target Target blow downs and weed lines for larger bream. The Ocmulgee River below Jackson dam is a good place to target redbreast sunfish. Fish shallow sandy areas early in the spring and late in the fall.
Prospect Similar to previous years, crappie will be abundant in 2017. Average size caught in 2017 should be 6- 8 inches in size. However, if anglers are patient and target deep holes near the dam, crappie in the 1-2 pound range are available. Flooded timber in the Tussahaw arm provide excellent habitat of anglers seeking crappie. image
Technique Trolling small jigs around drop-offs, points and creek channels is most effective. Live minnows, small crankbaits and pitching jigs all work great in late spring.
Target A hot spot: the bridge crossing at Hwy. 212. Visit in early spring when water temperatures reach 60 degrees (F). Anglers should also target deep water near the dam. Crappie caught in this area have been reported to weigh up to 2 lb. Another popular spot for crappie are biting is the area where the powerline crosses the lake. This part of the lake provides excellent habitat for this tasty fish!
Best Fishing Times Key
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