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Georgia Rare Species and Natural Community Data

Introduction to Available Nongame Conservation Data

Here you will find rare species and natural community data maintained by the Nongame Conservation Section. Our protected species lists contains species protected at both the state and the federal level. Our special concern lists includes plants, animals, and natural communities that are federally and state protected and also species that are not legally protected but are considered of special conservation concern by our staff biologists. We maintain active records for these species and communities in our conservation databases.

Commonly Requested Data

Georgia Rare Natural Element Data Portal

Check out our new draft Rare Natural Element Data Portal page (Updated June, 2017). The latest rare species and natural community data can now be accessed from this data portal page. Included are rare species profiles, range maps, rarity ranks as well as state and federal protection statuses. Also include are lists of rare species by Georgia county, quarter quad, watershed, ecoregion and more.

Sending Us Locations of Rare Species and Significant Natural Communities

Georgia's Natural Communities and Associated Rare Plant and Animal Species: Thumbnail Accounts

Here is a link to a PDF copy of Georgia's Natural Communities and Associated Rare Plant and Animal Species: Thumbnail Accounts written by Linda Chafin and based on " Guide to the Natural Communities of Georgia," by Leslie Edwards, Jon Ambrose, and Katherine Kirkman, 2013, University of Georgia Press. This document summarizes terrestrial and aquatic natural communities within Georgia. The community classification system used here varies from the Ecological Classifications used by NatureServe in other parts of our website.

Contact information

Contact information for our staff can be found in the NatureServe Network Staff Directory.

Our address is:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Nongame Conservation Section
Wildlife Resources Conservation Center
2065 U.S. Hwy 278 SE
Social Circle, GA 30025-4743

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