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Understanding Regulations and Requirements

Length Limits

NOTE: There are no minimum length limits on game fish unless they are listed below:

Largemouth bass - 12 inches statewide except:

  • Blackshear - 14 inches
  • Blue Ridge - no minimum (0 inches)
  • Burton - no minimum (0 inches)
  • Juliette - no minimum (0 inches)
  • Lanier - 14 inches
  • Oconee - 14 inches
  • Lindsay Grace (Wayne County) - bass between 15-22 inches must be released immediately.  Only 1 over 22" may be kept.
  • Walter F. George - 14 inches
  • West Point - 14 inches
  • Public Fishing Area lakes operated by the Department of Natural Resources - 14 inches.  This limit will not apply to lakes which have been posted as having a different length limit for largemouth bass.

Shoal bass:

  • Flint River and its tributaries - Below Warwick Dam (12 inches): Above Warwick Dam(15 inches)
  • Lake Lanier - 14 inches

Spotted bass:

  • Lake Lanier - 14 inches

Striped bass, White bass, Hybrid striped-white bass: You may only keep two (2) fish that are 22 inches or longer, except the minimum length is 22 inches on the:

  • North Newport River
  • Medway River including Mount Hope Creek
  • Little Ogeechee River
  • Ogeechee River
  • Oconee River downstream of Ga. Hwy 22 in Milledgeville
  • Ocmulgee River downstream of Ga. Hwy 96 bridge between Houston & Twiggs counties
  • Altamaha River, Satilla River, St. Marys River, and the tributaries to these river sections
  • Except (1): Limit taken from the Savannah River and its tributaries downstream of J.
    Strom Thurmond Dam is a (2) fish limit, both of which must be 27 inches in length
    or longer. This applies to striped bass, white bass, and hybrid white-striped bass.
    (2) Limit taken from Lake Richard B. Russell from the Russell Dam to Lake
    Hartwell Dam and Lake Secession Dam, all tributaries to Lake Richard B. Russell
    is two (2) striped bass per day, only one (1) of which can exceed 34 inches in length.



No minimum length limit for trout other than -

  • Waters Creek - brown and rainbow trout - 22 inches; brook trout - 18 inches
  • Noontootla Creek and its tributaries- 16 inches for all trout

How to Measure a Freshwater Fish

  1. Place the fish on its side with the jaw closed.
  2. Squeeze the tail fin lobes together.
  3. Measure in a straight line from the tip of the snout to the extreme tip of the tail.
  4. You must release all fish shorter than the minimum length indicated for that species.




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