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Nuisance Wildlife: Prevention & Management

Most wildlife never comes close to people.  And in fact, many people enjoy seeing wildlife and find the viewing of wildlife a complement to their property and environment.  So, what makes an animal a "nuisance"?  For most people, it is when the animal becomes invasive or destructive.  Some of the species most often cited as nuisance include coyotes, raccoons, foxes and deer.

Due to limited personnel, the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division cannot provide employees to come and remove animals from neighborhoods or private property.  So, in an effort to assist homeowners, we have put together the following information:

Options for Handling Nuisance Wildlife

Common Nuisance Wildlife in Georgia: Fact Sheets & Info 

Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts

  • Bears in the Backyard, Deer in the Driveway: Wildlife management is the key to balancing the needs of people and wildlife, reducing human-wildlife conflicts and maintaining healthy wildlife populations. This includes two important methods used by wildlife biologists - hunting and trapping.
  • Beaver Management and Control: This booklet is intended to provide general information on beavers in Georgia and to assist individuals or landowners experiencing beaver damage problems.
  • Controlling Deer Damage: Advice for all types of individuals experiencing deer damage problems. WRD hopes this booklet will serve as a quality source of information for handling deer damage problems.
  • Feral Hogs: Disease, Damage and Control: Feral hogs compete with over 100 species of native wildlife, carry many diseases and cause considerable habitat and economic damage. Learn more about hogs and what you can do to help our native wildlife.
  • Nuisance Canada Geese: Canada geese have become more common in Georgia, and in some cases have developed into pests. Find out more about preventing nuisance goose issues on your property.
  • Wild Pig Info website - Mississippi State University has created a website that has several items of interest for landowners and others that wish to learn more about feral pigs and the control of these animals.  Items on the website include the publication "A Landowner's Guide to Wild Pig Management" and a link to the film "A Pickup Load of Pigs."
  • Deer-Car Collisions: How to Avoid - With an estimated 50,000 deer-car collisions annually in Georgia, motorists should be cautious of increased deer and wildlife sightings during the fall.

Miscellaneous Fact Sheets and Guides     


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