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Smithgall Woods Regional Education Center

Teacher Led On-Site Activities

Any teacher or youth leader may conduct teacher-led educational programs at Smithgall Woods.

Opportunities include hiking a 1.5-mile interpretive trail, walking a half-mile wetlands loop/beaver pond trail with a tree-ID key, or fishing at one of the park's two ponds. Stop by our indoor Discovery Room to learn more about local history and ecology.

Please call ahead (706-878-3087) to schedule your group to use Smithgall Woods' facilities or educational equipment.

Ages Pre-K through 2nd grade

Onsite programs for students in grades pre-K through 2nd grade are teacher-led. Groups must be properly chaperoned and supervised for safety at all times. Use of shelters and facilities is subject to availability and must be reserved in advance. The following K-2 activities are outlined in our program guide and instructions with written worksheets are available upon request:

Birds and Worms:  Play a game by pretending to be birds in search of food to demonstrate how both predators and prey use camouflage as a survival adaptation.

Environmental "I Spy": Enjoy a teacher-led nature hike while finding objects in nature whose names begin with letters on a game card.

Living or Nonliving:  Learn about the traits of living and nonliving things during a brief discussion before taking a teacher-led nature hike to classify objects along the trail.

Matching Leaves with Trees:  Take a teacher-led scavenger hunt and find trees that match laminated leaf cards or that fit special categories.

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